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Project Overview

This project will design and construct improvements to widen Austin Bluffs Parkway from Nevada Avenue to Ruby/Old Farm Drive. Construction completed under previous projects along the corridor (Austin Bluffs/ Nevada, Austin Bluffs/Academy, and Austin Bluffs/Old Farm) will be utilized, as much as possible, to finalize a consistent six lane arterial corridor within the project limits.


The objectives of this project include:

  • Improved east-west mobility per the East-West Mobility Study
  • Reduce accidents and congestion at signalized intersections
  • Enhance roadway capacity and safety
  • Adhere to the City's "complete streets" concept along the corridor


Our goal for this project is to improve mobility, safety and system connectivity while also enhancing the neighborhoods, institutions and businesses along the corridor. The design is complete, the contractor has been selected, and the project construction will commence mid-June.